MSC Divina Cruise Information (11-29-2018)

First, let me state that the primary purpose of this page is to collect as much information about our specific cruise in one place as is feasible. That will be helpful to me, if nobody else- but I hope it assist you in your cruise planning, too! If you run across some information that isn’t included, but you think should be, please Email it to me at I will get it added.

Also, my intent is not to duplicate the efforts of others. For instance, CTBob- a member of our Cruise Critic Roll Call Group- has organized a page with lots of interesting information:

CTBob’s MSC Divina Cruise Information 

Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle

If you are going to be part of our 11/29/2018 MSC Divina sailing, please consider adding your name to the Cruise Critic Roll Call. The cruise line will arrange a reception for everyone that is signed up, and it provides an excellent opportunity to make friends at the beginning of the cruise. Often, drinks are provided, and some of the ship’s officers will visit and circulate. You can sign up here:

MSC Meet & Mingle Registration

The Cruise Critic Message Boards are also an excellent place to learn more about the cruise, or to get your specific questions answered.


General Information:

Sample Dailies

Someone on Cruise Critic shared these Dailies from their cruise in January, 2018. It wasn’t following our port itinerary and they were had a Yacht Club cabin, but the dailies can be very helpful in providing insight into the ship, its activities and the various venues:



Over the years, internet at sea has gone through substantial transformation. The speed of the connections has improved, and WiFi throughout the ship isn’t as sketchy as it once was. In the past, internet packages were based on time- you bought a set amount of minutes. If the connection was slow, it didn’t matter because your minutes ticked away at the same rate. Also, the process of logging on and off was cumbersome and flaky, and it was a real risk that your precious minutes would evaporate because you didn’t do it right.

I am glad to see that MSC has moved to a more equitable “per gigabit” model. The change will relieve a lot of stress.

Here are the rates available for our cruise:

Internet Packages


MSC Traveller App:

There are a couple of apps from MSC for use on board- depending on the ship. On the Divina, MSC Traveller  is the prescribed service. It is actually a web-based service (using your browser), and not a downloadable app. You will be able to sign up to use it once aboard the ship. Here is more information:

MSC Traveller Service


Drink Packages:

Most folks on our 11/29 MSC Divina cruise will receive the Drinks on Us package as part of their fare. Here is a (PDF) description of that package:

Drinks on Us Package Description

There are some disadvantages to the included package, such as a very limited selection of drink options, and each drink will incur a 15% gratuity charge. Also, if you like a variety of coffee drinks and plan to partake of the much-heralded gelato every day, you may want to consider upgrading to the Classic Package or Deluxe Package. According to postings on the Cruise Critic Boards, the Classic upgrade will cost $18 a day- or $180 for the length of our cruise. The Deluxe upgrade would be $26 a day- or $260 for the cruise. For reference, if you were purchasing the packages outright (not upgrading from Drinks on Us) the cost for our cruise would be $380 or $440, respectively.

Here is a comparison chart for the drink packages:

All-Inclusive Drink Package Comparison Guide


There are some great videos which offer information about the ship and ports of call. Although this list is not all-inclusive, it provides a good representation of some of the videos available.

This first group of videos was produced by MSC, and they can be found on the Vimeo website. Most of them are a few years old, but they still provide great insight:

And here are some Vimeo videos from other sources about the Divina:

There are also tons of YouTube videos regarding Divina, and here are a few of them:

Ports of Call:

Finally, here are our ports of call. In the past, I have usually booked any shore excursions through the cruise line- just because of the security I knowing I can’t be left behind if the tour gets me back to the ship late. However, there are usually some great independent tour options, and the can often be less expensive than those through the ship. This is where I seek your help… please send me links to other shore options and I will add them to the list:



Tortola, British Virgin Islands

St. Kitts



St. Maarten